You Have to Do It ( a step-by-step guide for Myrmidons )
(2018, Color, Digital Video and Archival Clips)
Warning: Contains some strobing images, use discretion.
"Come on a magical adventure of conformity and following directions like an unscrupulous subordinate featuring Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Voicemails leftover from a project from my last job, Google Maps, and stunning cinematography shot by yours truly on an iPhone 8."
You Have to Do It is an assemblage piece I made at the beginning of 2018 utilizing a variety of videos, photos, and audio clips I dug up from my iPhone's camera roll and my laptop's download folder. The resulting media was pieced together with footage of Google Maps tracing a rough outline of my journey from the San Fernando Valley to work every day and Mr. Roger lovingly detailing how to draw a house. The direction of this piece was influenced by the prompt "myrmidon" from a group of friends.
Alexander Powell, 2018.
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