Amplitude (2015, 9 minutes, Color, Digital Video, Czech w/ English Subtitles)
A sound recordist sourcing audio for a film visits Prague and stumbles upon a private conversation on the outskirts of the city.
Created during the summer of 2015 as part of Emerson College and FAMU International's Prague Summer Film Program, giving students the opportunity to study Czechoslovak Film History and take Production courses in a month long workshop.
Written and Directed by Alexander Powell
Produced by Julie Vrabelová and Martina Stranska
Cinematography by Noah Rubin and Michael Justin
Cast - Eliška Jansová, Lenka Olšanová, Martin Šemík
Assistant Director/Assistant Camera - Pilar Duralde
Script Translation - Petra Dominková
Costumes - Denisa Strmisková
Editor/Sound - Alexander Powell
Sound - Noah Rubin, Eliška Jansová
Special Thanks to Michael Gahut, Věra Hoffmannová, Pavel Jech, Jim Lane, and Jennifer Smart
Produced by FAMU.
Copyright 2015 Alexander Powell and Noah Rubin. All Rights Reserved.
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