A Package for You (2014, 11 minutes, Color, Digital Video)
Day after day, a young slacker wakes up late for the arrival of the package delivery man, leaving him no choice but to arrive at the door looking disheveled and disgusting. When he decides to change his routine to stop embarrassing himself, fate intervenes to tell him otherwise.
Written and Directed by Alexander Powell
Produced by Alexis Mickens, Alexander Powell, Jennifer Smart
Director of Photography - Jennifer Smart
Alexis Mickens as The Slacker
Julian Coker as The Delivery Man
Soren Price as Fate
Original Score by Alexis Mickens
Editor/Sound - Alexander Powell
Gaffers/Production Assistants - Stephanie Sek, Julian Coker
Marketing/Production Assistant - Julia Koerber
Visual Effects Artist - Trenton Hoshiko
Copyright 2014 Alexander Powell Film Productions. All Rights Reserved.
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