Here, you'll find four samples of media I've created, ranging from producing to editing, including work for clients and short films.
Yes on Measure B - San Diegans for Justice (2020)
· Producer/Editor/Graphics & Titles ·
Produced for San Diegans for Justice as part of their "Yes on Measure B" campaign. This measure amends the San Diego City Charter to form a new police oversight commission with subpoena power. This piece features original text and graphics in addition to pulled archival/news footage and articles.
The Black Tux: FAQ's - Style & Fit (2018)
· Editor ·
While working as part of the Ways & Means production office team, the Creative Director Felipe Lima brought me on-board for post-production for this series of fifteen animated clips for The Black Tux's "FAQ's: Style & Fit" series. Because of the animation development process, I was involved start-to-finish with the project with the client and the animation house. This included cutting together the animatics, laying in temp voiceover and music choices, creating and syncing the subtitles, trimming all final animation renders and voiceover/music selects to time, and conforming all fifteen clips for 16x9 YouTube and 1x1 Social Media deliverables.
Red Sari (2018)
· Editor/Colorist ·
Red Sari is a narrative short film directed by Ruhi Radke, a dear friend who made a film that's very special to me. Ruhi brought me onto the project to reconfigure the edit after its rough cut. We reopened the film's timing and color grade, including the decisions to rearrange and hone some story beats and (mostly) make the film Black & White to match the tone. Red Sari premiered at the 2018 Mustard Seed Film Festival in Philadelphia.
You Have to Do It (2018)
· Director/Editor ·
You Have to Do It is an assemblage video piece I made at the beginning of 2018 utilizing a variety of videos, photos, and audio clips I dug up from my iPhone's camera roll and my laptop's download folder. The resulting media was pieced together with footage of Google Maps tracing a rough outline of my journey from the San Fernando Valley to work every day and Mr. Roger lovingly detailing how to draw a house. The direction of this piece was influenced by the prompt "myrmidon" from a group of friends.
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