System of Nervous Sympathetics (2015, 5 minutes, Color, Digital Video/Multimedia)
Through three sets of multiple exposure images (water, traffic, and the crossover of infrastructure and foliage) in three channels of video, the experience of processing the sensory input surrounding us is held through the lens of stress responses.
This piece has been shown both as a Looping Art Installation on three projectors pointing to the left, center, and right walls of a room and as a single-channel piece on one screen. System of Nervous Sympathetics seeks to project the fight-or-flight response by compounding visual and auditory stimuli to the point of not being able to process it. As a reflection on the place anxiety and stress responses have taken in my life, I set out to compile these multiple exposures, unsure of how these waving images and droning sounds would ultimately look and sound like, much like the friction between unease and finding peace in such an environment.
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