Production Stills from Amplitude, featuring Michael Justin (cinematographer), Noah Rubin (sound), and actress Eliška Jansová.  Photos by Pilar Duralde, shot on location in Prague, Czech Republic (2015).
Hi there! My name is Alexander Powell and I am a Narrative and Experimental Filmmaker based in Los Angeles. I have previously lived and worked in San Diego, the Bay Area, and Boston where I graduated from Emerson College in December 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production.
In addition to writing and directing shorts across formats (live-action, animation, digital video, and 16mm film), I have worked in Freelance Production since 2017 as a Production Coordinator on commercials and branded content and as a Producer and Coordinator on independent shorts.
What you'll find here are narrative films, structural experiments, video art, and a few other things. Visual Media is an exciting landscape to work in and I'm excited to share it with you!
For any questions, please send me a message over on my Contact page.
Thank you for exploring my portfolio!